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Arvid Nelson (W), Matt Camp (A), and Dave Stewart (C) On sale Aug 19 FC, 32 pages $2.99 Miniseries Thirty-four years after a massive nuclear war, New York City is almost entirely submerged in caustic water and dominated by brutal gangs who live in a semifeudal society in the city's battered skyscrapers. Zero is a 'trash man,' hunting down renegade gang members while he dreams of escaping across the seas to the now-mythical continent of Africa-a supposedly flourishing land untouched by nuclear fires. In this issue, after a guerrilla strike throws JOCOM's plans into a tailspin and a mysterious metal briefcase goes missing, supposed agents of a powerful African prince have hired Zero to track down JOCOM's precious case. Zero sets out for the most dangerous part of the city, where he will have to face some cold facts about his past and a murderous gang he once led. 'Arvid Nelson's post-apocalyptic series Zero Killer suggests something as complicated and personality-driven as Give Me Liberty in its prime . . . Matt Camp's finely detailed art and Nelson's ear for simple, punchy dialogue and characterization make for solid hooks.' The A.V. Club Arvid Nelson's alternate-history thriller returns!