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Are your comics from the 1980s, 1990s, or newer?

The majority of comics released during the 1980s, 1990s, and more recent years are quite common and consequently have little monetary value.

Typically, we offer these comics for sale within the range of $1.00 to $3.00, and when acquiring them, we pay less than $1.00 or may choose not to purchase them at all due to our ample existing inventory.

Large Collections/Estates

We are the top buyer in the country for large collections and estates. We can buy any size collection, will treat you fairly, and pay strong prices that can beat any other offer.

Sell your entire collection of comics cover priced $0.35 or less?

If you have a very large collection and do not already have a list of what you have, you could spend hundreds of hours preparing a list of every comic in your collection.

As a much faster alternative, you can go through your collection and count the number of comics in each of the cover price groups listed below.

10c cover price (1961 & older)
12c cover price (1962-69)
15c cover price (1969-71)
20c cover price (1971-74)
25c cover price (1974-76)
30c cover price (1976-77)
35c cover price (1977-79)
40c cover price (1979-80)
50c cover price (1980-81)
60c to 65c price (1982-86)
75c cover price (1986-89)
$1.00 to $1.50 cover price (1989-96)
$1.50+ cover price (1997-present)

Where can I sell my comics?

We buy comics! Kings Comics is Australia's largest comic book store and we are always looking to add to our inventory.

What is the value of my comics?

There are multiple variables that can contribute to determining a value of a comic book, they include:

Condition: Assess their physical state (mint, good, fair).
Key Issues: Identify valuable key issues or first appearances.
Grading: Use a grading scale (CGC, CBCS) for accurate assessment.
Signatures: Autographs from creators can increase value.
Age and Rarity: Older and rarer comics tend to have higher value.

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