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Written by DAVID FINCH, C.B. CEBULSKI, DEAN MOTTER, MARC BERNARDIN, TODD DEZAGO & MATT YOCUM Penciled by DAVID FINCH, GREG SCOTT, POW RODRIX, JASON CRAIG & JAKE BILBAO Cover by DAVID FINCH X-Man. Avenger. Soldier. And that's just the HALF of it. In this atomic-sized special, superstar David Finch leads a platoon of comic's most talented creators in giving the Canadian killer a 21-gun salute. Ninjas, bar-room brawls, Morlocks and pirates (yes, PIRATES!): this issue sees the most marvelous mutant of all put through the paces. And if five-all new tales of Snikt-tastic action wasn't enough, there's classic reprints featuring some of Logan's greatest hits!