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Written by JASON AARON & DANIEL WAY Penciled by ADAM KUBERT & TOMMY LEE EDWARDS Covers by ADAM KUBERT & TOMMY LEE EDWARDS Wolverine #73 70th Anniversary Variant Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC TWO STORIES over TWO ISSUES! Each tale begins in WOLVERINE #73 and concludes in #74?as the WOLVERINE comic book makes a change you won't believe? 'A DAY IN THE LIFE' PARTS 1 AND 2-Superstar WOLVERINE artist ADAM KUBERT returns, joined by superstar WOLVERINE writer JASON AARON! Experience a day in the life for America's favorite mutant-a day packed with action, women, villains, costume changes and beer. Ever wonder why Logan keeps himself so busy these days? The answer lies within. 'ONE PERCENTER' PARTS 1 AND 2-Meanwhile, WOLVERINE: ORIGINS writer DANIEL WAY is joined by MARVEL 1985's TOMMY LEE EDWARDS in a prelude to DARK WOLVERINE! Logan wants to get the hell out of New York, and he's in no hurry to get back to San Francisco, either. So he gets on a motorcycle and takes the long way home. But home for Logan isn't in a secret underground headquarters-it's in a fight, with his hands wrapped around the neck of somebody who's got it coming. 32 PGS.(each)/Parental Advisory $2.99