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"For hearts long lost and full of fright, For those alone in blackest night, Accept our ring and join our fight, Love conquers all, with violet light!"

The Star Sapphires are one of the seven Corps empowered by a specific color of the emotional spectrum, whose powers come from violet rings which wield the power of love. Though their roots can be traced back to the earliest appearances of the Star Sapphire queens, they have entered into a significant plot role since the events of Blackest Night.

This high quality hand finished ring is made exclusively by Guild Jewellery Design and features the Star Sapphires insignia, highlighted by jewellers grade Violet Enamel. Each ring is of a high polish finish and comes Rhodium Plated to resist tarnish and improve lustre meeting the world standard for quality jewellery.

Each Ring comes in its own presentation box with the Green Lantern logo.

Comes available in 3 Sizes: AU Sizes: Q, U and Z. US Sizes: 8, 10 and 13. Special Order sizes available on request.

Additional charges apply. For information on jewellery care, visit "