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Victory is about the limits of unlimited power. Being born a half-elf Demi-Goddess from the world of Arton (a medieval like world that still practices magic), Victory was born to combat a menace of a cosmic magnitude. Victory can destroy an entire planet with a wave of her hand or heal herself from any mortal wound in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, even with all this amazing power at her command, Victory cannot use this power to defeat her greatest enemy - loneliness. THIS ISSUE: The Notorious V.I.C returns with the artist that made her famous (Edu Francisco) in the second action packed three issue limited series of Victory. With the destruction of the Monster-God K'Athanoa, Victória tries to recover from her wounds and make a new life on earth. No longer feeling alone, Victória now watches over her new found friends and family since her existence now places them in constant danger. Victória will realize the dire consequences of her actions of using the Star Platinum of Death attack, and will come to terms with the loss of her father's (THE PALADIN) guidance. Being plagued with nightmares of an old enemy, Victória fears that she may have alerted him to her current whereabouts. The upcoming battle will not be an easy victory, and the death toll is sure to rise on both sides. The second epic saga to the cult based RPG (Role Playing Game) sensation is about to begin. Don't miss out on this amazing adventure or you will be left behind! Also, Victory posters are now available.

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