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Vertigo Verite's provocative tales that veer from traditional Vertigo stories of dark fantasy continue with The Unseen Hand. Meet Mike Webb, an All-American college student with dreams of building a business empire in the newly-freed markets of Eastern Europe. But Mike's entire world is shattered with the revelation that he isn't at all who he thought he was. His true identity makes him the focus of The Unseen Hand, an ancient conspiracy that has controlled the world for 500 years. To escape the Hand's agents and to find his long-lost sister, Mike must make a harrowing journey through a strange landscape of Slavic warlords, the Russian Mafia and underground cities, encountering a dwarf descendant of Rasputin and other oddities that will alter forever the way in which Mike Webb thinks about the world. Written by Terry LaBan. Art by Ilya and Ande Parks. Cover by Daniel Torres.