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Story and Art by BARBARA CANEPA & ALESSANDRO BARBUCCI Cover by ALESSANDRO BARBUCCI & BARBARA CANEPA English Adaptation by C.B. CEBULSKI The internationally acclaimed best seller comes to the end of its first arc! As power-hungry Papess Lodovica seeks more control over the citizens of Papathea, the 'heretics' who still honor the memory of the outcast ruler Agape rise up in protest. Suddenly, our lovely sky doll, Noa, finds herself in the middle of a Holy War - one which she quickly becomes swept up in as rumor of her true powers spread. Roy and Jahu do their best to protect her - but as Noa soon discovers, no one can avoid their true destiny! 56 PGS./Mature $5.99 The Soleil Comics may only be sold in English North America: United States, Canada, Mexico and their territories and possessions.