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When we were asked to write the intro-duction to a book dedicated to some of the most beautiful illustrations drawn by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, we quickly returned the call: why not do a long interview with the Maestro from Rome? We had met Paolo during another inter-view dedicated to great Italian authors of tales of the Far West and discovered that he is a great lover of the American frontier, its history and its legends, and also of the literature and films that it inspired, but that he is also a highly-engaging storyteller, capable of capturing his audience's attention like few others. Our first interview had objective limitations of space, as it was intended for a book that was to include another thirty-nine interviews with a similar number of artists in-volved in our comics. This time, however, there are no limits, and to the great satisfaction of all Western fans, we feel we have made the most of this opportunity. This collects Serpieri's western stories and drawings Includes a description/introduction in English, bigger one in Italian and also an introduction in German