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Pilot Season: Alibi #1 (W) Joshua Hale Fialkov (A) Jeremy Haun (Cov) Jeremy Haun The perfect killer always has an airtight alibi. But can anyone be in two places at once? John Stephens can. He's always a suspect whenever a high-profile target is taken out, but he always gets off scot-free because he's off somewhere else, having the time of his life. How can he be responsible? The authorities may be fooled, but now someone knows his secret, and John is going to have to face the consequences. From the people's choice Joshua Hale Fialkov (CYBLADE, PUNKS THE COMICMARVEL COMICS PRESENTS) and artist Jeremy Haun (CIVIL WAR: IRON MAN/CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE LEADING MAN). NOTE: Recommended for mature readers. Full Color 32 pages $32.99 pilot issue