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In keeping with our tradition of not spilling even the slightest detail of what happens in upcoming issues of the Perhapanauts, we humbly submit the following totally fake listing. Enjoy! Tonight on The Perhapanauts: Second Chances . . . Big wakes up in the shower only to find out that the past three issues were all a dream! While on vacation in Las Vegas, Molly and MG accidentally get married by an ordained Elvis. And Choopie becomes attached to a stray dog only to be heartbroken when the owner arrives to claim him. Choopie and the little boy argue over who loves the pooch more, but eventually Choopie does (almost) the right thing and returns the little dog to the boy . . . sans blood. Praise for the first Perhapanauts series: ' Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau are clearly having a great time with this miniseries, and I had a lot of fun with it, too.' -Brandon Carcia, The New Mexican magazine