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Clifford Meth (w) Alex Toth, Frank Brunner, Mark Badger, Mike Pascale, Dave and Paty Cockrum, Dave DeVries, David Boswell, Gene Colan and more (a) Neil Adams (c) Collecting the novella 'One Small Voice,' as well as a variety of short stories by recognized dark fiction author Clifford Meth, One Small Voice serves as a sequel to god's 15 minutes, and includes updated versions of 'Conflicts of Disinterest,' 'Wearing the Horns,' and selections that previously appeared in Stranger Kaddish. Adding additional punch to Meth's provocative prose are spot illustrations by some of the most influential artists of our time, including Alex Toth, Dave Cockrum and Gene Colan. Packaged with interstitial material by Wm. Messner-Loebs, Tom Spurgeon and Pat DiNizio (of The Smithereens).