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MOTEL ART IMPROVEMENT SERVICE Jason Little (W/A) On sale Nov 17 FC, 208 pages $19.99 HC, 9' x 6 3/4' From Jason Little, author of the Ignatz Award-winning Shutterbug Follies, comes another exciting 'bubblegum noir' graphic novel, originally serialized in the acclaimed webcomic Bee! Eighteen-year-old Bee has finally saved up enough to embark on her long-planned cross-country bicycle trip. However, she doesn't make it very far before disaster leaves her stranded at a motel. Her hormones surge when she meets a misunderstood young artist on a mission to 'upgrade' the banal 'artwork' that hangs on the walls of every motel room. Taking a job there as a housekeeper, Bee snoops around in the motel's dirty laundry and finds herself entangled in a scary drug deal gone dangerously wrong. Featuring gorgeous artwork balancing grit with cuteness, Motel Art Improvement Service explores crime, young love, and the purpose of art, in a story that's equal parts thrilling, funny, and sexy!