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Title: Monochrome Factor Creator: Kaili Sorano Volume 3: 978-1-4278-0775-5 Price: $9.99 (Can) 10.99 Format: Manga, 192 pgs. Volume Number: 3 of 4 Dimensions: 5 x 7.4375 ' Genre Icon: Action Category: Fantasy Rating: OT (Older Teen Age 16+) Rated OT for: Non-Sexual Nondescript Nudity, Mild Gore, Mild Violence, Alcohol Reference, Sales Territory: USCOMSAXCAMEREUROPEMESOAMER Product Synopsis: Akira demands answers of Shirogane, and for once he seems willing to provide them. He reveals that everything in the light world has a twin in the shadow world. A Shin's counterpart is called a Rei.? And as it happens, Akira is Shirogane's counterpart, destining him to become king of the Rei. However, his transformation into a Shin has made it impossible for him to become a Rei and fully awaken as king. Sell Sheet Keynote: A rebel without a cause is given the ultimate supernatural power! Key Selling Points: Volume 1: Online marketing campaign with banner and viral promotions targeting more than two million impressions; online preview at one month prior to release Anime available in Japan A core fan title with bishonen (beautiful boys) overtones A supernatural fantasy with alluring art that will appeal to fans of Tokyo Babylon Moved to OT with Volume 2 for violence and gore