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(W) Stan Lee (A) Gene Colan & Various (CA) Jack Kirby

It's another hardcover collection of some of Marvel's most classic comics!Reprinting DAREDEVIL #12 - #21 -- some of them for the first time since their original publication! See Daredevil journey to the Savage Land to learn the secret of Ka-Zar the savage, battle side-by-side with the amazing Spider-Man against the mysterious Masked Marauder, and face the multiple challenges of the Ox, the Gladiator, and the Owl! Plus: see Foggy Nelson don a Daredevil costume and charge into battle... surely that's worth a couple of dollars!

This collection features some of the earliest and most striking artwork of John Romita Sr. in the Marvel Age -- on what he still considers his favorite series!

This hardcover collection is 224 pages.