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Moon Knight wakes to find himself at gunpoint. Arsenal has captured him and they are flying to France. Arsenal explains that he wants Moon Knight's help to take out Bushman. He says he is from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, and that if he helps them, they will make his tax troubles go away. In Burunda, Bushman is telling telling his generals of his grand plan to grow drug plants. Marc is introduced to a group of mercenaries that will be joining him on his mission. He has met some of them previously. He goes to his room and manages to escape and calls Frenchie, asking him to double-check if the CIA is really sending in a team to Burunda. Marc's escape is noticed, but he returns as Moon Knight and beats up everyone there. Arsenal drops a grenade so he can escape. Unfortunately, the French police have shown up and arrest him, while Moon Knight escapes to the roof. Back in Burunda, Bushman televises a call for his people to assist in his agricultural scheme.

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