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THE CONCEPT: Zelandria is a patchwork world of magical lands and technologically laden cities, where age-old myths collide with futuristic wonders, and mystical creatures dwell among ordinary men. A place where power is contingent on nobility and feudalistic hierarchies govern widespread provinces. It is here where the seeds of legend are sown and the paths of heroes are paved. It is here where a Legacy will be born. THIS ISSUE: War hangs thickly in the air as Lucian and his new ally, Duncan, begin their lengthy journey towards the Shore Mountains and enlist the services of a gambler named Junzo. Meanwhile, across the Great Continent, one of Zelandria's most honored leaders is developing a plan that will unwittingly aid Eridan's evil agenda. And, as Eridan's agents discover the location of the final shard, the hope for Zelandria wanes with every passing moment.