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Issue #2 of Dark Horse Downunder, Dark Horse's bimonthly miniseries featuring the best creative talent from Australia, opens with the hilarious "Ashe of the Outback," a story of bloodthirsty terrorists, boat chases, plane chases, car chases, truck chases, submarine chases, seventeen nuns and the bravest man in Australia. Part 2 of Gary Chaloner and Ashley Wood's "The Undertaker" continues, as Morton and his dead dog Cryptoe discover the horror that lies within the grave of Nod, that most unspeakable serial killer. What they discover could be the most shocking news on earth -- if they live long enough to tell of it! Also in this issue, don't miss David de Vries and Darrel Merritt's "The Berries of the Sun," a spooky tale of one man's search, in a torn and twisted land, for the ultimate sensation. B&W.