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CONAN THE CIMMERIAN #11 Timothy Truman (W), Tom?s Giorello (P), Jos? Villarrubia (C), and Joseph Michael Linsner (Cover) On sale May 20 FC, 40 pages $2.99 Ongoing Not content to sit back and wait for Natohk to arrive to destroy the city of Khoraja, Conan leads his men to meet the Stygian wizard in open combat. As Amalric's mercenaries and the remaining soldiers of Khoraja march impressively out of the city, Natohk's horrifying army-backed by dark magic and otherworldly beasts-acquires yet another powerful weapon. What chance do mortal men have? Conan must deal with dissension and class conflict in his own ranks and the strange visions and revelations of Princess Yasmela before he can hope to defeat Natohk's hordes. Even though his men trust and respect him, the aristocrats resent his presence and are waiting for him to stumble so that they can fulfill their own selfish ambitions! And what news does a Zamorian thief bring out of the desert? Tim Truman (Scout, Grimjack), Tom?s Giorello (Star Wars), and Jos? Villarrubia (Kull, City of Others) continue their faithful adaptation of Robert E. Howard's 'Black Colossus,' with another stunning cover by Joseph Michael Linsner (Dawn, Dark Ivory)!