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by David Schwartz & Randy Green

How far will you go with a lie - before it's too late? Making her Showcase debut, Shrugged's fiery vixen Ember takes center stage in this tale of greed and power. At a time when Perspecta needed change, a young girl strives to make a difference. But with her efforts falling short and her time running out, what will she sacrifice to keep her future burning bright? Find out for yourself as Aspen proudly presents Aspen Showcase: Ember #1!

Brought to you by the incredible creative team of writer David Schwartz, fan-favorite artist Randy Green, and Aspen's own colorist extraordinaire Beth Sotelo, take a special look at one of Aspen Comic's most popular characters. A unique stand-alone story expanding upon the eclectic Shrugged universe, and setting a new precedence for what great comic books are all about.

Aspen Showcase: Ember #1 will ship with two covers, one by artist Randy Green, the other by original Shrugged artst Micah Gunnell.