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Cover by Eduardo Barreto. "The Crash Of 88," script by Mark Verheiden, pencils by Eduardo Barreto, inks by John Nyberg; Green Lantern, Superman, and Black Canary all try to rescue Weng Chan of the Blackhawks and others from a dictator. "Power Failure!", script by Roger Stern, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Murphy Anderson; Superman tries to get back to Earth's atmosphere, as Darkseid (not shown) reveals himself to the Consortium and the Superman-worshipping cult is attacked. "The End," script by James Owsley (Christopher Priest) and Mark Bright, pencils by Mark Bright, inks by Romeo Tanghal; Hal Jordan takes Malvolio's ring to return to earth, as planned by Malvolio, and all of the scenery in the area of Malvolio's imprisonment disappear, as the scenery and all the inhabitants were his constructs.