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Cover by Tom Grindberg. "Beyond Phobus," script by James Owsley (Christopher Priest) and Mark Bright, pencils by Mark Bright, inks by Romeo Tanghal; Hal Jordan is drawn into an unknown sector of space by Malvolio, who claims he will imprison Hal. "Cat And Mouse" (Chapter 2), script by Paul Kupperberg, art by Fred Carrillo; Tannarak captures the Phantom Stranger and creates a lion creature, while Tala tracks him disguised as Cassandra Craft. "Knock 'Em Dead" (Part 9), script by Sharon Wright, pencils by Randy DuBurke, inks by Pablo Marcos; Black Canary becomes injured when she thwarts a murder attempt, and the assailant escapes and kidnaps her intended victim. "Holy War," script by Roger Stern, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Murphy Anderson; Superman battles the Consortium and his cult of worshipers joins in