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Cover by Mary Wilshire. "Last Gasp!", script by Peter David and Richard Howell (co-plotter), pencils by Richard Howell, inks by Arne Starr; Hal Jordan defeats the Freak Show but the leader is free, and Arisia leaves him. "Tailed!" (Fatal Distraction Chapter 6), script by Max Collins, pencils by Dick Rockwell and Terry Beatty (layouts), inks by John Nyberg; Wild Dog kills a mass murderer and Wild Pup tails him to his garage. "Just A Little Bug That's Going Around," script by Martin Pasko, pencils by Frank Springer, inks by Frank McLaughlin; The Secret Six begin to track Mockingbird while "The Agency" tracks the Secret Six. "Too Late, The Hero?", script by Roger Stern, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Murphy Anderson; Bob Galt is accosted by muggers. "Grave Doings" (Part 3), script by Mike Baron, pencils by Kelley Jones, inks by Tony DeZuniga