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Cover by George Perez. "Requiem," script by James Owsley (Christopher Priest), art by Gil Kane; Hal Jordan attempts and fails to stop Star Saphire's rampage. "Chapter 2 Showdown," script by Mike Baron, pencils by Dan Jurgens, inks by Tony DeZuniga; Deadman discovers that C.I.A. section chief Grace Kasaba has been possessed by Talaoc, who tries to fight Deadman. "Moral Stand Chapter Two: Dog Gone," script by Max Collins, pencils by Terry Beatty, inks by John Nyberg; The Legion of Morality begins an attack on pornography while Wild Dog lays low. "They Can Run, But They Can't Hide!", script by Roger Stern, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by John Beatty; Bob Galt's would-be assassins try to escape from Superman. "Look What Fell Out of The Sky Today," script by Martin Pasko, art by Dan Spiegle; Five of the original Secret Six (all except Carlo DiRienzi) die by sabotuers, while the new Secret Six receive their gear. Article about the history of The Atom (Ray Palmer) by Brian Augustyn.