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A NEXT #11

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"Crucible" written by Tom DeFalco. Art by Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom. Guest-starring Captain America and Doctor Doom! Having journeyed to an alternate reality where they are forced to battle distorted versions of the original Avengers, the next generation of the Earths Mightiest Heroes join with the Captain America! Can the young team stop the dastardly Doctor Doom? They better, or else the demented despot will extend his nightmarish empire across every plane of reality! Plus: American Dream finally gets her very own shield and the A-Next squad faces its first fatal casualty! FC; J2, Stinger, Thunderstrike, Mainframe, Freebooter, Bluestreak, The Crimson Curse (Death of), Cosmic Cube, Thunder Guard (Alternate Earth Avengers: Iron Cross, Deadeye, Swordsmaster, S.S. Agent, Pincer, Overman, Eric Masterson/Storm Trooper, Thor), Reed Richards, Baron Zemo app.