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Title: Fantamir Volume 3 Creator: Eun-Jin Seo ISBN: 978-1-4278-0292-7 Price: $9.99 Price (Canada): $10.99 Format: Manga, 192 pgs. Volume: 3 of 3 Dimensions: 5' x 7.4375' Genre Icon: Fantasy Genre: Rating: T (Teen Age 13+) Content Indicator: Mild Sexuality, Mild Violence, Mild Gore, Mild Language Product Synopsis: A strange incident causes Mir to lose her magical abilities, so she decides to retire and become a student in a normal school. Or so she thought! To her surprise, she's enrolled in a shaman class, in a school with a mysterious history... As the story continues Hae-Rang confesses to Mir that he loves her, bur Mir doesn't believe him. We learn how Mir and Hae-Rang first met as children. We also learn how Hae-Rang's sister Ba-Ri died, and that Hwa-Yun is also competing for the head Wonhwa position in order to overthrow Hae-Rang and kill Mir. Sell Sheet Keynote: Will Mir's boring new life keep her from her magical past? Key Selling Points: Eun-Jin Seo is the creator of Peppermint (Vol. 1: 978-1-59816-681-1) Part of TOKYOPOP's 'Shojo Your Mojo' campaign, featuring a shojo manga sampler, online previews, and 'Shojo Your Mojo' microsite.