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In the penultimate chapter of this critically-acclaimed story arc, the noose tightens as The Spirit's quest finally leads him to confront Sachet Spice, daughter of the internationally feared criminal mastermind, Mikado Vaas! A desperate chase brings all parties to the very precipice of disaster. Meanwhile, Ellen Dolan must deal with both her convalescing father as well as figuring out how to cleanly end things with her former paramour, Archie Shales. Will Mikado Vaas allow his beloved daughter to suffer prosecution at the hands of Central City law enforcement? Or will the infamous crime lord take steps to wipe out his former prisoner? Will Eisner's The Spirit is one of the hallmarks of the comic art form and his adventures come to life again at the hands of Eisner Award-winning author, Matt Wagner along with the visual team of artist Dan Schkade, colorist Brennan Wagner and the stylish lettering of A Larger World studios.