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Victory is about the limits of unlimited power. Being born a half-elf Demi-Goddess from the world of Arton (a medieval like world that still practices magic), Victory was born to combat a menace of a cosmic magnitude. Victory can destroy an entire planet with a wave of her hand or heal herself from any mortal wound in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, even with all this amazing power at her command, Victory cannot use this power to defeat her greatest enemy - loneliness. THIS ISSUE: Carolei punishes the now weakened Victoria, who was physically and mentally beaten last issue. Feeling the heartache of being away from her world and her loved ones, Victoria can no longer find the strength that is needed to protect herself and the crew of kids that unleashed her into the new world. Seeing that Victoria is losing her will to live (along with her fighting spirit), Flavius decides to interfere, giving Victoria new reasons to fight and live on. But will the words of Flavius be enough to stop Carolei and the real challenge of the Gargantuan Monster-God K'Athanoa? Read on Battle Hardened Gamers and find out!

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