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(W)Robinson, (A)Harris, Von Grawbadger

First modern appearance of Shade

David Knight inherits the mantle of Starman and patrols Opal City. He is the eldest son of Ted Knight, the original Starman who fought alongside the Justice Society of America during and after World War II. Peering down at the city from a high perch, David is shot by an unseen assassin's bullet. His body plummets down to the street below.

Later, David's brother, Jack, opens up his collectibles retail outlet, Knights Past. He conducts a day's worth of business until he receives a telephone call from his father. Anguished, Ted Knight tells Jack that David is dead. Fearing that one of his old foes might try to get at him through his family, Ted took the liberty of leaving one of his old Gravity Rods in Jack's care. He tells Jack where the Gravity Rod is located and tells him to be careful.

Ted leaves his observatory en route to claim David's body, when suddenly the entire building explodes. A flying piece of debris knocks Ted in the head. A short distance away, a dark-haired woman with hateful eyes watches on.

Meanwhile, a tall man with dark sunglasses enters Knights Past. This is Kyle. He asks Jack a string of odd questions, then suddenly reveals that he is the one who killed David - and now he plans on killing Jack as well. Kyle withdraws a large handgun and begins firing at Jack. Jack manages to make his way into the rear section of the store where the Gravity Rod is located. He uses the rod to fly to safety but Knights Past is set on fire and destroyed.

Later, Kyle meets up with the dark-haired woman, Nash - his sister. The siblings report their progress to the true architect of the evening's crimes - the Mist.

KINGS warehouse find

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