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NEXUS ARCHIVES VOLUME 8 Mike Baron (W), Steve Rude (P/Cover), and Paul Smith (P) On sale Jan 7 FC, 216 pages $49.95 HC, 7' x 10' The landmark Nexus/Badger crossover concludes! Horatio, Judah, and the Badger have survived their reentry of the Bowl-Shaped World. As they head from outer rim to inner city, the threat that prompted this journey worsens: the Gravity Well is nearing collapse. The Web's population is evacuating in a panic, hoping to escape the artificialblack hole. By the time this installment of Baron and Rude's celebrated sci-fi series comes to a close, the desperate trio will fight a powerful, fusionkasting tyrant in mortal combat, Kreed the Quatro will be sentenced to death for the Mars massacre, and Horatio will hang up the Nexus mantle once and for all! A multiple Eisner Award-winning series that defined the careers of acclaimed creators Steve Rude and Mike Baron, Nexus is a modern classic not to be missed. o Collecting issues 47 to 52 of Nexus Vol. Two and issue #1 of the Next Nexus miniseries, wherein we learn what the vengeful Loomis sisters have been up to. Text and illustrations copyright 2008 Mike Baron and Steve Rude.