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(W) Douglass Barré (A) Jiro FC 32 pp THE CONCEPT: In 1893, a band of five adventurers gathered together to track down mythological creatures and discover the truth behind their reappearance. They are: Kenneth Valence, the Earl of Marston and the effete leader of the Society, Colonel Augustus Durant (retired), ex-big game hunter who refuses to kill, Mr. Victor Terranove, prestidigitator, gambler, and reformed skeptic, Mrs. Cassandra Chatterton, overly scandalous lady adventurer, and Sir Charles Rutledge Brown, scholar, engineer, and 19th century nerd. Can five Victorian adventurers share an alliance without driving each other crazy? THIS ISSUE: In part two of London Nights... a) Kenneth, Lord Marston and Mrs. Chatterton venture into Faerieland in a desperate attempt to recover their child... but are they ready to face the eerily familiar forces gathered against them? b) Victor, who's lost his soul over a gambling debt, recruits Augustus to help him reclaim it from the magically empowered gangsters Batson and Quill. c) The Faerie princess Valende launches a siege against the Mythstalkers' headquarters, and the only person inside to defend is... Sir Charles. d) All of the above, because you deserve three plots.

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