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MISTER X: CONDEMNED #4 (of 4) Dean Motter (W/A) On sale March 25 FC, 24 pages $3.50 Miniseries Comic-book and graphic-design legend Dean Motter brings his visionary new take on his classic creation to its shocking conclusion in part four of Mister X: Condemned! A building full of dead architects. A serial killer walking the streets. A metropolis plagued by insomnia, sleepwalking, and madness. In the midst of citywide turmoil, is the unsleeping architect Mister X any closer to solving the problems that haunt Somnopolis? Can all the plans and blueprints he's collected actually save the 'City of Nightmares'? o 'Mister X serves as both futuristic fantasy and social satire and is recommended to all who find graphic novels an exciting literary/visual genre.' -Rock Express Text and illustrations of Gigantic? 2009 Rick Remender & Eric Nguyen. Text and illustrations of Mr. X: Condemned 2009 Dean Motter. Mr. X is a trademark of Vortex Comics Incorporated.