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Written by KATHRYN IMMONEN, RICK SPEARS, KARL BOLLERS & JIM MCCANN Penciled by LARA WEST, JAMES CALLAHAN, HARVEY TOLIBAO & DAVID LOPEZ Cover by MIKE DEL MUNDO This Valentine's Day, drop that box of chocolates and satisfy the inner romantic with an oversized helping of heartache! In these four spandex-ripping tales, the fabulous femmes of Marvel discover that there's no such thing as love without tears?and that super powers won't protect them from Cupid's arrow! Will it be MJ Watson or Gwen Stacy that charges Peter Parker's electrons? Can the girls of Nextwave survive a visit from the ghosts of boyfriends past? Is Snowbird in danger of letting her animal passions get the best of her? And must Dazzler choose between the stage and a certain fuzzy mutant hunk? Find out in this special filled with passion, power, and pain! 40 PGS./Rated T+?$3.99