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News reports tell of New York City being fire-bombed by Stained Glass Scarlet. Meanwhile, Scarlet remembers a dream--or is it--that she had where a man and woman are dancing around a fire. The man leaps through the flames, but the woman is too scared to follow. Moon Knight is saving people from burning buildings when he sees Scarlett's disciples on the rooftops. In his still-weakened state, they manage to beat him. When he wakes, he remembers the same dream Scarlet did. He somehow realizes where Scarlet will strike next. She appears in Crawley's hospital room and lights a match, but Moon Knight is hiding in the bed instead. An explosion rocks the building and Scarlet escapes while Moon Knight tried to save people. Moon Knight meets Scarlet atop the Brooklyn Bridge once again. Scarlet begs Moon Knight to kill her, saying she is unworthy to live, but he calms manages to her down. She leaps off the bridge. Marc follows, but is unable to find her.