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Marc escapes with the others but is blind-sided by one of them and left for dead. Luckily, Frenchie and Marlene were on their way to rescue him and find him. As they do, they are spotted by the guards and chased. They manage to escape them but Marc says they can't leave just yet. Meanwhil, Jeff is recounting his brush with the Secret Empire, thinking no harm came from it, but in reality, the Secret Empire has now set their sites on Moon Knight. Raposa's men attack the Presidente's palace but Marc has donned his Moon Knight outfit to make sure they don't succeed. He fights his way to the Presidente's office but his attackers are already there. Moon Knight fits them all and as a reward, asks that Marc Spector be set free. He returns back to his cell with no one the wiser and is taken to the gallows. The Presidente sets him free, much to the people's dismay. Marc, Marlene, and Frenchie return home.