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What do you do with a telepath who's skipped out on his bail? You put his head in a vice and squeeze (why, what were YOU thinking?). The CODEFLESH saga continues as Joe (X-MEN, ADVS. OF SUPERMAN) Casey and Charlie (ASTRONAUTS IN TROUBLE, SPIDER-MAN) Adlard continue on their quest to transform the face of comics into their own image! Also STARRING... THE BOD (W) Larry Young (P/C) John Heebink (I) Walden Wong Be careful what you wish for, right? Isn't that what the man said? Kelly Gordon got her wish all right; she ended up famous. She's known the whole world over as The Girl Who Isn't There. Now, she's in big trouble: her sister's angry because Kelly's stolen her boyfriend; her manager's mad because the checks are starting to bounce; her best friend's long gone and the one thing Kelly needs she can't have... a nice, good, long look in the mirror. Note: Not appropriate for all ages. FC 32p