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Two-Fisted Action In The Mighty Casey-Adlard Manner! It Takes A Certain Twisted Mentality To Create The Adventures Of A Super-Villain Bail Bondsman And The Masked Bounty Hunter That Brings In The Skips, And These Guys Have It In Spades! Enter The Seedy Underbelly Of Los Angeles And Watch Them Bring In Some The Vilest Grotesques In Comic Books! "Starring The Bod" (W) Larry Young (A/C) John Heebink (I) Walden Wong Hollywood Starlet Kelly Gordon Finally Gets Her Wish, And Is Thrust Into The Glaring Center Stage Of Unyielding Media Attention. She's Pretty, She's Famous, She's The Star Of Her Own Show; The Only Problem Is... No One Can See Her! The Crush Of Attention Is Weighing On Her Personal Life, Though, What With The Kids Back Home Emulating Their Idol And Her Sister's Boyfriend Not Leaving Her Bed In The Morning. Kelly's Got A Big Ol' Case Of The Self-Esteem Blues... And She's Afraid Everyone Knows Just Exactly How Transparent She Really Is!