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Just Another Story In Hollywood. A Gorgeous Girl In Her Hometown In Rural Kansas, Kelly Gordon Leaves Her College Drama Department To Make It Big In Hollywood. She's Talented And Brainy, But Is Underestimated By Most Folks Because She's Stunningly Beautiful. Gorgeous. Built. Blonde, Blue-Eyed, Wholesome. A Babe Cliche. No One Takes Her Seriously Because Of Her Looks. But After An On-Set Special-Effects Gig Goes Awry, Kelly Becomes Invisible! Yesterday, No Casting Agents In Hollywood Would See Her; Now No One Can See Her! The Bod Is Brought To You By Astronauts In Trouble Writer Larry Young And Nick Fury And Elvira Artist John Heebink. She's Out Of Sight! Also Debuting In This Same Issue, Joe Casey And Charlie Adlard's Codeflesh (W) Joe Casey (A/C) Charlie Adlard (L) Comicraft When Super-Villains Get Arrested, Who Bails 'Em Out? Cameron Daltrey, Owner Of Daltrey Bail Bonds, That's Who. And When Those Same Super-Villains Skip Out On Bail, Who Drags Them Back In By The Balls? He'D Have To Be A Man Who Loves His Job, No Matter How It Wreaks Havoc On His Life. An All-New Monthly Feature Co-Created By Writer Joe Casey (Adventures Of Superman, Wildcats, X-Men: Children Of The Atom) And Triple-Threat Artist Charlie Adlard (Blair Witch 2, Astronauts In Trouble, X-Files) Depicts The Seedier, Brutal Side Of Masked Superheroes. Containing Hard-Hitting, Bone-Crunching Action Combined With Adult Characters And Situations, This Comic Ain'T For The Squeamish! Recommended For Twisted Readers Everywhere Who Want More From Their Comics Than Overly-Sanitized, Corporate-Controlled Superheroics.