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story VIKTOR KALVACHEV & ANDREW OSBORNE art VIKTOR KALVACHEV, TOBY CYPRESS, NATHAN FOX, TOM COKER, PAUL MAYBURY, ANDREW ROBINSON, MARLEY ZARCONE. cover & colors VIKTOR KALVACHEV The stakes increase and the body count rises when a pair of underachieving sons on opposite sides of the law betray their powerful fathers, triggering paranoia, chaos, and a deadly case of Dexter obsession in the second volume of the BLUE ESTATE saga. Killers battle, schemes unravel, assassins get deployed and garden gnomes are destroyed as the supercool Hollywood crime series reloads in this bonus-packed new trade paperback collection! Collects BLUE ESTATE #5-8 'BLUE ESTATE takes the best of Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino, but remains unabashedly original.' - USA Today