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A Walt Disney Classics Collection release! Riding High on the Record Player! Delirious with delight, Jessie the cowgirl romps with trusty steed Bullseye on a classic Woody's Roundup record player. Even though Prospector Pete tells the Roundup Gang not to touch the 'stuff,' Jessie (7.25' tall) and Bullseye (7' tall) can't help themselves as they prance on the vintage turntable. It's obvious Woody's arrival has put them in a spin as the stars of the show lasso up some good old-fashioned fun. Sold as a set of two pieces (each fixed to a portion of a LP-style interlocking base), these fine porcelain sculptures authentically re-create the spirited film moment referencing archival Disney/Pixar animation material and colors. Pair them up with the Record Player Base (sold separately) and you too will feel like yodeling! Sculpted by Bruce Lau, this set is presented in an open-ended edition, including a collectible box and Certificate of Authenticity.