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Marlene is being chased through the maze by Chainsaw. Moon Knight swings down to save her but is hit and drops down with her. Frenchie is busy fighting off thugs up above. Moon Knight gets the upper hand but Chainsaw escapes by using gas grenades. He is leaving through a roller door but is ambushed by Ollsen and shot dead. Moon Knight chases Ollsen out onto the street with Marlene and Frenchie in tow. Ollsen explains that he wasn't working with them but was instead undercover, trying to infiltrate their ranks for his own revenge. Marc learns of the truth about Bosqueverde from Ollsen who doesn't know that he is Spector. Turns out that Dominguez was a traitor, paid off by Raposa, and only killed because Raposa decided he wanted his money back. In other words, Marc was used. Meanwhile, we finally see Raposa, now living in Miami, having a discussion" with one of his pilots about a missing drug shipment. Next Jeff is shown having just had an operation. He wakes to find he now has robotic arms and screams. Marc finds the information he needs about Raposa from his contacts in New York and leaves alone for Miami..."