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by Moyoco Anno Yamada's inexplicably attractive girlfriend Miwa gets stolen away by World of Beautiful Men's bad-ass beauticians Kiyoko and Harumi, who demand to know exactly what a cutie like her sees in a badly filled sack of delusions like him. The reasons will shock, no less than the reaction of Komatsu as he witnesses the staggering strength of Yamada's pimp hand at their happy reunion. Renewing his never particularly well-thought-out vow to best the pockmarked rival, Komatsu makes an equally ill-advised bid to trump Yamada by entering a nationwide idol contest. The dubiousness of the venture is only encouraged by the bottomless greed for fame, money, power, and money of Kiyoko and Harumi. It's a decision that will fold, spindle, and mutilate his already rather confused existence into confounding new shapes of shame, as the nice, carefree John Hughes high school sex comedy life Komatsu wanted gets taken over mid-shoot by Johns Frankenheimer and Cassavetes. At least he finally loses his virginity. No, really. To a woman and everything. MATURE READERS SC, 216pg, b&w