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Unfortunately due to the Greater Sydney Covid Lockdown, KINGS isn’t able to schedule the FCBD event and corresponding SALE as planned. With the easing of restrictions unknown at this time, rescheduling the Event is not possible.

To allow all our Customers access to the FCBD Comics and to offset the costs of ordering them, we have made them available to buy, as was the case during the lockdown of 2020.

(W) John Ridley, James Tynion IV (A) Jorge Jimenez, Travel Foreman (CA) Mico Suayan

The Batman creative team of James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez take their epic run to the next level. Gotham City is on the brink of a violent evolutionary path and the danger level to Batman and his allies reaches a fever pitch. The Magistrate now have full support from the mayor to handle high level law enforcement in Gotham and have branded the Dark Knight as Enemy #1. Plus, the Scarecrow has his own terrifying agenda as he takes this chaotic moment to launch his master plan. This is the first look at the epic FEAR STATE event that runs across the Batman titles beginning this Fall. The new Dark Knight, Jace Fox has arrived in this sneak peek of the upcoming I AM BATMAN series written by Academy Award-winner John Ridley with stunning art by Travel Foreman. Fans will get a taste of this blockbuster storyline starring the next Dark Knight.