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In the rubble of Youngblood HQ members of Youngblood, New Men, and Brigade are scattered and defeated. Among them is Reign who rises to see Chapel standing several stories tall battling the Order of the Knight - Troll, Link, Col. Bravo, Warwolf, Glory, Roman, and Prophet. Prophet doubts whether they'll be able to defeat Chapel, who has become the manifestation of all things evil. Link reassures him that they'll be victorious but Prophet wonders if that were true why the one called Newborn who was destined to lead them died so easily. Graves gets their attention and tells Prophet they have to hold off Chapel until the Newborn returns. Graves then reveals his true form and turns into Lucifer himself, as tall as Chapel with claws and dozens of teeth. Chapel gloats over his lordship over hell, revealing he spent a thousand years in limbo honing his power to take over hell. The two demons do battle while the heroes look on in amazement. Reign explains to Badrock that he's spoken with the Newborn and replaces his gem on his forehead, turning himself into the Newborn as Proctor and Kodiak look on in horror. Sentinel arrives and asks why he wasn't alerted of the battle just as Supreme breaks into the atmosphere, somehow alive after being killed by Crypt. Supreme strikes Chapel, knocking him down, but Chapel blasts him down with hellfire. Lucifer and the Newborn join forces to Chapel's surprise as he believed the Newborn would rule the universe at his side. The Newborn sacrifices himself, augmenting a blast from Lucifer through his own body into Chapel, atomizing him. Lucifer teleports away as the Newborn lay lifeless, reverting to Reign. Epilogues:Supreme flies uncontrollably from Chapel's blast through space, crashing into an alien planet. Prophet walks across a snowy mountain beginning his quest for knowledge.Cabbot and Seahawk reflect on the loss of their brothers. Seahawk flies away swearing off the superhero business. He arrives at an apartment where he tells Glory, Roman, Knight Sabre, and Troll he wants Brigade to continue with a new leader. Proctor consoles the Newmen and tells them that Reign will be fine. At the Pentagon Keever reveals to Youngblood that Chapel's body was found next to Reign, alive and with no memory of anything before his joining Youngblood. Keever also reveals the team is going to be dismantled and reevaluated. Col. Bravo and Shaft have a father-son chat before Bravo teleports away.