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Following the tradition of Tex Avery's classic 1940s animation, Dark Horse serves up more of the world's most convivial cur, Droopy Dog! In "Turkey for Dinner," Droopy and Spike enter a contest to see who can bring the best-dressed turkey home for Thanksgiving dinner. But capturing a plump, juicy piece of poultry isn't as easy as it seems when the only turkey Spike and Droopy can find is a scrawny-looking, smart-mouthed bird who does everything it can to avoid capture! As a bonus, Wolfie Wolf and Ravishing Red return in "Pretty Present," a Yuletide tale where Wolfie's hired as a department-store Santa to make the local children happy. But when the boss' beautiful daughter takes over as Wolfie's assistant elf, Wolfie gets so distracted that the store quickly becomes a disaster area!