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Kurt Busiek and Greg Ruth return to Conan with another blood-stirring installment of 'Born on the Battlefield,' a series of stand-alone stories chronicling Conan's portentous formative years. Spring has come to the hard hills of Cimmeria and life is eventful for Conan-the robust youth earning the affection of more than one young woman. Yet gentle days are not long-lived in this land. A storm comes on the horizon. When it breaks, Conan will discover the consequences of his choices, determining not only his own fate, but that of his entire village-featuring the formative event from Robert E. Howard's account of Conan's youth: the boy vs. the bull! The Conan ongoing series was a Wizard Magazine Book of the Month for March 2005! 'Conan has an endearing earnestness that hearkens back to the golden age of pulp fiction.' -Publisher's Weekly