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"Godhood's End!" Part 9 of 9. Guest-starring Captain Marvel and the Golden Age super-heroes. Script by Roy Thomas. Plot assist by Neal Adams. Pencils by John Buscema. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Gil Kane and Bill Everett. It's the epic conclusion to the Kree/Skrull War! As Earth's Mightiest Heroes go for broke in the Andromeda Galaxy vs. the Skrulls, while Rick Jones lays it all on the line in the Kree Galaxy against Ronan! The Avengers have help from Captain Marvel in their battle, but young Rick is on his own...until the Supreme Intelligence lends a hand! In dazzling fashion Marvel's Golden Age heroes spring from Rick Jones' mind and attack the Kree! Could the heroes from the past lead the charge to intergalactic victory in the present?