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Cover by Dean Motter. "Assault On A Green," script by Peter David, pencils by Richard Howell, inks by Arne Starr; Hal Jordan tracks down and is attacked by the Freak Show, while Arisia contemplates her relationship. "Seems Like Old Times," script by Martin Pasko, art by Rick Burchett; Weng brings Olaf to a reunion with the Blackhawks and Olaf and Blackhawk get into a barroom fight. "Puppy Dog Tale" (Fatal Distraction Chapter 3), script by Max Collins, pencils by Terry Beatty, inks by John Nyberg; Wild Dog breaks up a domestic quarrel and is helped by Wild Pup. "Missing Person," script by Roger Stern, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Murphy Anderson; Superman helps police get a description of Charles Culpepper's attacker and searches for Bob Galt. "Channel Switching," script by Paul Kupperberg, art by Joe Orlando